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Olim Bauda

2015 Monchiero Carbone Barbera d'Alba MonBirone

Brand: Olim Bauda
Article number: 885034
EAN: Monchiero Carbone Barbera d'Alba MonBirone
SKU: 6783
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Tasting note Monchiero Carbone Barbera d'Alba MonBirone

Deep red in color and powerful in aroma with nuances of ripe red fruit, herbs and oak. The full taste fits well with powerful meat dishes such as casseroles with solid sauces.


The MonBirone by Francesco Monchiero scored five stars with the same score as the winner of the Nizza from Olim Bauda and finished in fourth place in the big barbera tasting of Perswijn. The style of the wine is, however, significantly different.

Monchiero Carbone has vineyards on sandy soil in the village of Canale in Roero, making the barbera very mature and especially softer. In addition, Francesco Carbone uses more toasted oak that gives a recognizable aroma and taste to the wine. The MonBirone is therefore tempting and mild in taste. No less typical but a good example of a modern way of making wine. Also a top barbera that we would like to taste next to the Nizza.


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