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Syrah (North and South Rhône, South France, Australia Shiraz, rest of the world).

Specialty from the Northern Rhône. World-renowned wines, some of which are scarce and expensive (Côte Rôtie). Dark grape with thick skin, good acidity and a lot of tannin. Different wine styles from fruity to complex and powerful. Together with Grenache and Cinsault, it forms the basis for many southern French wines. Main blue grape in Australia (ao Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley)

Recognizable aromas: black fruit (blackberry, black currant, blueberry); red fruits (raspberry, strawberry, red cherry); dried fruits (plum, fig, dates, fruit jam); spices (pepper, cloves); floral (violets); animal (leather, game); herbs (eucalyptus, mint) earthy (soil, wet leaves); roasted (caramel, smoked); wood (vanilla, cedar, cigar box, oak, liquorice).