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Jacopo Poli Gin Marconi 46

Marconi 46 is an italian gin artisanally distilled and obtained from a unique infusion of juniper berries, muscat grape, mountain pine, cembra pine, mint, cardamom and coriander reminding of the Asiago plateau in the north of the Veneto region, where...

Botanical: juniper berries, muscat grapes, mountain pine, cembra pine, mint, coriander, cardamom
Distillation: artisanally distilled with Crysopea, vacuum bain-marie pot still
Aroma: intense scent of juniper, fresh and balmy
Taste: silky touch from the muscat grapes, elegant sensations from cardamom and coriander
% Alc - Content: 46% Alc./Vol - 700 ml
Service: straight in a tumbler, on the rocks or in classic cocktails

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