• In NL Gratis verzending bij €50,-
  • Belgie gratis verzending bij € 75
  • Deutschland versandkostenfrei ab € 75

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We also have a monthly wine box that you can sign up for.

You will receive a wine box every month (12x per year).

In the wine box we put 6 different wines, including a description and a suggestion of what to eat with it. Preferences can be indicated and then we will discuss this. So customization.

The costs are € 60 per wine box. On average € 10 per bottle. We send a 'tick' to keep the payment easy.

We will deliver or have the wine box delivered to you every first Friday of the month.

You can cancel the wine box whenever you want.

Skipping a month due to vacation or another reason? No problem either. You can indicate which month (s) you do not want to receive the wine box. Then we just pick up the thread again.

If something is not clear or if you have additional questions, we would of course like to hear them. Sign up here .