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Natural wine

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What is natural wine?


Natural wine is a style of wine made without added chemicals or artificial techniques. This means that the wine is made from grapes that have been grown organically or biodynamically, without the addition of preservatives, flavorings or other synthetic substances. In the production process of natural wine, we try to intervene as little as possible in the natural fermentation of the grapes.

What are synonyms for natural wine?


There are a number of synonyms for natural wine that are often used.

  • Natural wine
  • rawwine
  • Realwine
  • Naturalwine
  • Livingwine
  • Unfiltered wine
  • Unfined wine
  • No sulphites added wine
  • Low intervention wine
  • Non interventional wine
  • No additive wine
  • No manipulation wine


It is important to note that regulations for the terms vary by country. There are no international rules for what exactly constitutes "natural wine". Some countries do have a certification system for organic and natural wines, others do not. That is why it is often the best way to ask the producer or vintner about the production methods of the wine.

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