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Cabernet Franc

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Cabernet Franc (Bordeaux, Loire, Italy, Hungary, North America, rest of the world).

The Cabernet Franc always occurs as a mixed grape in Bordeaux together with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and / or Malbec. It ripens slightly earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon and releases slightly less tannins and acids. Characteristic is a slightly spicy aroma. In the Loire it is the main grape for many red wines and rosé.

Recognizable aromas: black fruit (blackberry, blueberry, black cherry); red fruits (raspberry, strawberry, elderberry, cherry); vegetable (paprika, cabbage, fennel); animal (leather, game, dung); spices (liquorice, tobacco, cloves); herbs (sage, parsley), floral (violets) earthy (earth, forest, must), wood (pencil shavings, cigar box, cedarwood, liquorice) roasted (smoked, coffee, cocoa, chocolate).