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Port cellar

Buy port online, all top brands of vintage port, tawny port and ruby port from our own stock!
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The tastiest port wine in Dordrecht

Looking for a nice port? Then you are at Boonstoppel Wijnen | The Wine Portal at the right place. With over 100 ports, you have plenty of choice. For years you can come to us for the tastiest affordable port. Easily order your favorite port online. If you cannot find a solution, please feel free to contact us and we will help you further. Or visit our wine shop in Dordrecht.


Ruby or Tawny port

A Ruby port is a ruby red port made from blue grapes where the aroma and taste are mainly characterized by red fruit. A Tawny port is a brown-red port made from blue grapes where the aroma and taste are mainly characterized by herbs, spices and wood.

The Tawny Ports are aged in oak barrels and are exposed to oxygen. The Tawny port has more brown tones in its color than a Ruby Port. In general, a Tawny port can generally be kept a little longer after opening. For most Tawny ports this is up to about 3 to 4 weeks.

Crusted port is a blend of 2 vintages of Vintage port, which has softened after a few years of maturing in wooden barrels. The port will mature for a number of years in the bottle. This creates sediment, the “Crust”. It is a type of port that does not appear very often anymore.

Vintage port is port from one harvest year. The port must be bottled before the age of 3. This type of port must undergo complete maturation in the bottle. The storage time varies from 3 years to 30 years. Vintage port is not made every year. The harvest must be of good quality to be called vintage. The term “full declaration” means that all Port producers have released a Vintage Port in a certain (top) year. Vintage port develops a layer of sediment during ripening. This requires careful handling when serving.

LBV port , “late bottled Vintage port”, is port from one harvest year. The port must mature for at least 4 years in wooden barrels. After that, the port is drinkable, but can often ripen for several years in the bottle. Deposits can also form.

Colheita Port is port from 1 harvest year. This port variety has to mature in wooden barrels for at least 8 years before it is put into the bottle. Often the maturation time is longer and the port is filled on glass stoppers until the moment of bottling. After that, the port can ripen well in the bottle. The year of bottling is often stated on the bottle. The port is usually free from sediment.

Port to keep

Depending on the style of Port Wine, it can better or less well withstand the effect of oxygen. That is why it makes a big difference whether there is still a lot of Port in the bottle, or just a little.
Because the less Port is left in the bottle, the more effect the oxygen has on your Port.


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