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2017 Ficada Península de Setúbal rosé

Dry Portuguese rosé from castelão grapes, with a juicy, fruity and elegant taste. Nice and refreshing on the terrace, but also delicious with salads or cold starters.

Article number: 12119
EAN: Ficada Terras do Sado roseacute
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Tasting note

Juicy, fruity, dry rosé with a smooth, elegant taste and a refreshing aftertaste.


The Peninsula de Setúbal wine region is located on the peninsula of Setúbal, just below Lisbon. The Portuguese call Setúbal the mother-wine region of Portugal. This because of the centuries-old wine tradition but also because according to many Portuguese wine lovers here the best wines of Portugal are made. This delicious, dry rosé is made entirely from the quality grape variety castelão or the periquita. After a brief soaking of this red grape, the juice is separated from the skin and the wine continues as if it were a white one. The rosé therefore retains all the fruitiness and characteristics of the grape.



Adega the Pegotildees
Country Portugal
Origin area Terrace do Sado
Grape variety Casteḷo
colour ros̩
Type of wine Quiet
Bottle content 750
Screw cap Yes
Year 2016
Biological No
Biologically without a certificate No
Drink at pH-rich terrace wine but also very tasty with salads or cold appetizers
Alcohol 125%


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