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2016 Domaine Alary Principauté d'Orange La Grange Daniel

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EAN: Domaine Alary Principauté d'Orange La Grange Daniel
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Tasting note

Fruity spicy red wine from France with a fresh full flavor. Nice to drink as well but also very well to combine with lightly seasoned dishes.


Denis Alary produces a special red wine from the municipality of Cairanne in the southern Rhône with a small percentage of cabernet sauvignon grapes. This grape variety traditionally does not occur in this region and is therefore not allowed for the appellation Côtes du Rhône.

The plot of Alary, however, gives such a good result that Denis refuses to grub up the sticks. He prefers to declass the wine to Vin de Pays than to have to sacrifice an old vineyard in the best part of Cairanne. His tenacity leads to a beautiful unfiltered red wine.


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