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2016 Jean-Paul Brun Terres Dorées Beaujolais L'Ancien

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EAN: Jean-Paul Brun Terres Dorées Beaujolais L'Ancien
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Tasting note

Authentic Beaujolais with a bright red hue. In the scent small red fruit and a characteristic spiciness. The taste is fresh, spicy and balanced, the aftertaste aromatic. At its best with cold meat dishes or light stews.


A real champion of preservation of typicity is undoubtedly Beaujolais producer Jean-Paul Brun. As one of the pioneers in the region, he decided not to chaptalise (adding sugar to the grape must for more alcohol in the wine) and only using natural yeast.

The result is a fantastic red Beaujolais with an authentic taste averse to modern yeast odors. A quality and style as it used to be made. In the fifties and sixties, this ensured that Beaujolais became the favorite brasserie wine in France.

The l'Ancien is the showpiece of Brun and he makes this fine wine from grapes of his oldest vines. The great elegance and seduction contrast sharply with 'factory' Beaujolais. As a result, serious sommeliers decide to put beaujolais on their wine list again.

Wine magazine Thesis:
The wines, however, are anything but 'Parkerian blockbusters' in the form of lots of alcohol, lots of alcohol and a lot of matter. They excel in digestibility of lightness and the purest grape expression.



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