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2015 R de Rimauresq Provence Cru Class̩ Rouge

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EAN: R de Rimauresq Provence Cru Classé Rouge
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Tasting note R de Rimauresq Cru Classé Rouge

Ripe red fruit and light oak form the aroma of this French red wine with a full, strong flavor. Young drunk very tasty with spicy meat dishes matured delicious with game.


The Domaine de Rimauresq is in the exclusive company of a small number of Provence Cru Class̩ vineyards. Rimauresq has this quality addition because of the exceptionally good terroir a concept that includes the unique combination of vineyards grape varieties and micro-climate.

The very best wine of the Domaine is the R. This is made from the best plots Syrah (35%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (65%) grapes.

After the traditional fermentation, a 12-month aging on small oak casks follows partly new and partly of 1 year use. The result is a beautiful complex red wine that rightly has the Cru Class̩ status.

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