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2017 Clos Marguerite Marlborough The Grape Whisperer Sauvignon Blanc

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EAN: Clos Marguerite Marlborough The Grape Whisperer Sauvignon Blanc
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Tasting notes Marlborough The Grape Whisperer Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand white wine with the aroma of citrus and boxwood. The taste is fresh and soft. Tasty as an aperitif but also very suitable for fish dishes or asparagus dishes.


Whether you 'farm' in New Zealand or, for example, in the Loire: making quality wine has a certain cost price. The price difference with the basic wines from a particular wine area is mainly in the reduction of the yield in the vineyard and the amount of attention that the winemaker gives to his vines. But sometimes there is only a small market for the best quality. We see that at Clos Marguerite.

This is the producer of one of Marlborough's finest sauvignon blancs but with a price tag of 16 euros. Because of this it is not a runner in our range.

That is why we asked owner Charles van Hove whether he knows a colleague producer who offers the same type of wine with entry quality. He answered that he wanted to work on this himself.

Charles decided to treat several plots with young vines differently and to allow a higher yield. This is achieved, among other things, by less severe winter pruning - ie more fruit-bearing buds - and a dosed irrigation technique. The result is a lower cost price and more commercial opportunities. You can also taste the class of the winemaker here: expressive fresh dry and flawless.

Why the name The Grape Whisperer? Charles van Hove is a passionate wine man who realizes that the quality of wine is decided in the vineyard. That is where it should happen and that may well be whispered!


Producer Clos Marguerite
Country New Zealand
Origin area Marlborough
Grape variety Sauvignon Blanc
colour White
Type of wine Quiet
Bottle content 750
Screw cap Yes
Year 2016
Biological No
Biologically without a certificate No
Drink at

Great aperitif. Also very suitable for fish dishes or asparagus dishes.

Alcohol 0%
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