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2016 Jean-Paul Brun Terres Dorées Beaujolais Le Ronsay

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Tasting notes Jean-Paul Brun Le Ronsay

Accessible red wine with lots of fresh red fruit in the scent and light jam-like nuances. The juicy and smooth taste is well balanced. Delicious with refreshing salads or cold meat dishes.


Jean Paul Brun is the quirky and much discussed winemaker and owner of the Terres Dorées family estate in the south of the Beaujolais. He makes authentic, unaffected wine with great purity in smell and taste and a modest alcohol content. Brun went early against the tide of winemakers who, with additives and artifices, make lemon-like Beaujolais that smells of sweets and bananas.

The Cuvée Première is an archetype Beaujolais with great purity and a delicious, smooth taste. All year round, especially if the wine is lightly cooled during the summer.

Wine magazine Thesis:
The wines, however, are anything but 'Parkerian blockbusters' in the form of lots of color, lots of alcohol, lots of wood and lots of matter. They excel in digestibility, light-footedness and the purest grape expression.
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